Red cinnamon orange, hand weaved flowers, rinse dry flower beadings necklace

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Floral.Love Collection

Seller love natural plants/flowers, keep to learn the different traditional technique for the fashion clothes and accessories.
she base on the understanding of crochet weaving techique, to combine with different element, to create a variety of fashion exquisite products, to extend the life of plant flowers, share her love to you.

Red Cinnamon orange, Hand Weaved flowers, rinse dry flower beadings necklace, customized original design Exchange gift

Created by the traditional technique, transform to the elegant and retro necklace.
It's a modern touch with the simple clothes. Embroidery threads are from Turkey.

Elegant and retro fashion sense of fashion accessories, with plain clothes even more distinctive and unique. Embroidery fabric are from Turkey.

Rinse dry flower beadings
Because of the handcraft, every finished product will be a little bit different of
the position, every piece has a unique beauty.

matching with gold chain,  the necklace can be adjust the length by the gold circle.

The creation of this series took many attempts of different combinations to achieve this balanced beauty. 
The production of this will only begin after purchase, which will take 5-6 days before delivery. 

You may liaise with me about the preferred length of the necklace. 
Necklace 62cm long, detail as below: 
weaving part: 38cm 
gold chain part:12cm x 2 
*excluded 6cm long buckle part

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Enclosed with mystatice postcard for your to write any blessing.
Please put specify in remark if you prefer us to write on behalf.

Designed and hand-made in Hong Kong