Beaded necklace in white marble pattern

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Bubble series: Beaded Necklace in White Marble Pattern.

This series was inspired by my memory when I hanged around bookstore and stationery store where I would immerse myself in the joy of reading books about handcrafts and hand straps, created the little things for me and myself.

I applied traditional handcraft technique to modern materials to create this product.

The necklace is tied by knots and woven nets. The pendant part is made of various beads in white marble pattern, connected by pure white strap and ended with a wooden bead.
The creation of this series took many attempts of different combinations to achieve this balanced beauty.

May use it for the bracelet
The production of this will only begin after purchase, which will take 5 days before delivery.
You may liaise with me about the preferred length of the necklace.

The buckled necklace in the photo is around 50cm long.

We also created the earrings, page as below:

Full Set

Enclosed with mystatice postcard for your to write any blessing.
Please put specify in remark if you prefer us to write on behalf.

Designed and hand-made in Hong Kong