In Set: Handmade fringed earrings and Hand woven bracelet with little flower - Brown

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In Set: Handmade Fringed Earrings & Hand Woven Bracelet with little flower, trim with Indian Sparkling Bead Japanese Glass Bead Customizable Brown Made In Hong Kong

Hand Woven Bracelet:
Stripe is woven by Indian thread by hand, decorated with a texture in addition to exquisite Indian sparkling beads. The bracelet closes its end with a silver buckle.
After buckled up, the ring circle is 15-15.5cm long. The length can be customized upon customer’s request before production.

Handmade Fringed Earrings:
Earring with Indian thread hand woven circle as base plus pinned black silver and blue / white sparkling beads.
Fringed earring with round beads and square metal beads. Fringe is about 7cm long. The whole earrings is 11.5cm tall.



Although it may appear simple, the fine balance of this combination is only achieved after numerous attempts. Production will take around 2-3 days after purchase.

The earring is handmade. Production will only start after purchase. Please contact me for any special request. Thank you.

Hand woven bracelet individual sell:

Handmade fringed earrings individual sell:

Navy Blue Color Set:


Enclosed with mystatice postcard for your to write any blessing.
Please put specify in remark if you prefer us to write on behalf. 

Designed and made in Hong Kong